About Gill

My journey into all things natural probably started with my mum making me clean my bedroom with vinegar and water. And then discovering tai-chi, energy healing and yoga in my twenties changed my path forever.

Since then, I’ve used mainly natural products in my home and on my skin …. apart from mascara, I’ve never found a really good ‘natural’ mascara (NB: please message me if you know different). And after having kids, it became even more important to care about what chemicals are in my home and on my family’s skin. My poor kids used to beg for a massively bubbly bubble bath, but sadly they never got it… that’s them scarred for life!

I started making my own potions to solve my chronic dry skin and rosacea. And I was so amazed at the results, it was a wonderful natural leap to turn it into a business and help more people discover the amazing benefits and therapeutic qualities of organic herbs, oils and botanicals. They really do make a difference and I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy designing and making them.

Love Gill x